A Single Man

Let me start by saying this is one of the most stylized movies I have ever seen.  Honestly, would you expect anything less from the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford.  The movie could be seen as an extended runway show for Tom Ford’s menswear but it was so much more.

I had been looking forward to this movie for sometime. I actually went to the theater alone because i was so determined to see it before i went back to school.  As far as a novel adaptation, I don’t know how accurate Ford sticks to the content but performance and style drives this movie.

A Single Man follows a day in the life of professor George Falconer (Colin Firth) who has recently lost his lover (Matthew Goode) and plans on killing himself.  As a transplant from the UK he finds himself lost and confused in 60’s Los Angeles.  Without spoiling the majority of the movie he has dinner with long time English friend(Julianne Moore) and get stalk by his student (Nicholas Hoult).

Ford portrays Falconers emotional status through the manipulation of light.  The majority of the movie Falconer is seen being depressed and the light coordinated as such.  These scenes have a gray and hazing quality.  This contrasted with the sunset hues shown on Falconer when he is interacting with others and is much more lively.

Colin Firth’s performance is stellar.  Firth truly shows the disdain of having lost his love and the subsequent loneliness he feels.  In one scene he speaks of fear and its role in life, it is the subtle hints within this soliloquy which makes his betrayal so great.  Again we see Julianne Moore have an amazing performance but in a role she plays so often.  You might have seen her distressed and unhappy housewife in The Hours and Far from Heaven.

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