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One Week

The Oscars are a week away.  What does that mean?  For the celebrities that means prepping for fancy parties, dieting, finding the perfect dress and possibly a week off from their other projects to do press.  For everyone else it means frantically trying to watch that best picture nominated movie, planning a viewing party and working on finding the best dip recipe.  Finally for Cinema, I Love You it means making final decisions on my Oscar predictions.  In the upcoming week i will be posting some of my favorite Oscar speeches in anticipation for the big day.

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

I also wanted to take this moment to tell you my favorite part of the Oscars.  It is the moment right after the nominees are read aloud and the short clip showing their dramatic performance is shown.  Its only a beat but the entire auditorium is silent till they pan to the nominee.  The clip is usually their most emotional scene from the movie so everyone is drawn in and almost forgets where they are.  The moments end with uproarious applause.


The Art of Sideways

Movie Posters are usually overworked, bright and show the leading stars retouched into oblivion.  This is the checklist for most but not all.  If everyone remembers the indie success Sideways you may also remember it’s illustrated movie poster.  My father linked me to the artist’s (Robert Neubecker) website. In one of his posts he discussed some of his thoughts and ideas for the films movie poster and his thoughts on the film itself.  He includes a bunch of earlier drafts and his thought progression.  Its interesting to see how idea begin and how weird some ideas can get.

Are You Suggesting Coconuts Migrate?

Monty Python was a British comedy group that was hugely influential in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.  Their work is regarded as one of the most distinguished sketch comedy groups and have influenced countless other comedians and troupes.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of their most well known movies and one of my all time favorite comedies.  It was a movie that in my youth I would watch over and over.  I am refraining from posting the entire movie, even though it is that funny, instead i am just posting the opening scene were coconuts are debated.

An Education

Screen up on a row house in suburban London in the 60’s. While the beginnings of the counter counter whistles around, the occupants have high expectations for the sixteen year old daughter. Her all-girls school and her task master father (Alfred Molina) channels young, Jenny Miller (Carey Mullingan) to a life devoted to school and the elusive acceptance letter to Oxford. With an all to common rainstorm and a happenstance inquiry by an older bloke Jenny’s predesignated journey is rattled.

This older gentlemen, David Goldman, (Peter Sarsgaard) lives the life Jenny has always dreamed. Classical music revues, art auctions, dinner and dancing at posh restaurants and most of all trips to Paris. All this he exposes to Jenny in exchange for her youthful vitality and the chance to have a young pretty thing on his arm. Jenny begins to struggle with the plan she always thought she would follow and the live she always wanted.

The facade begins to crumble on one of their trips out of town. Around Oxford David and his business partner, Danny (Dominic Cooper), procure a old map from a open house. Soon after it is reveled that David business career focuses on blockbusting and that his lifestyle is based on fraud. Continue reading

Crazy Heart

I have long awaited the release of Crazy Heart.  At first I didn’t know much about it besides the  praise for Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges has been sweeping award season with his performances so i just had to put it on my list of films to see. As i looked into the film the story seemed to be a bit overplayed.

The story revolves around a washed up country rock star (Bridges) who hasn’t written a song in years.  He is struggling to make ends meet as he tours the country playing small concert halls and even a bowling alley.  Along the way he meets a young reporter, Jean Craddock, (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who he falls in love with and she eventually changes his life through their relationship.  Colin Ferrel and Robert Duvall costar.

Please don’t judge the movie prematurely based on this synopsis.  The fact that it is a cliche story or even that its about country rock may make you uneasy but the film is definitely character driven.  This is not a bad thing when Jeff Bridges is at the helm.

You may know him as The Dude in the Big Lebowski but here, he is Bad Blake.  You would think this down an out cowboy would wallow in his own pain but Bridges decides to make a more apathetic character.  A person who feels he has nothing to prove and that his past should drive his future.  This completely changes with the addition of his love interest.  Continue reading

Actor’s Choice for Best Performance

The cover of the current New York Times Magazine

On award show night the actors are usually asked who they want to win. Most of these answers are very PC and more often not the true feelings of the actors. New York Times Magazine’s recent issue was devoted to the nominees of the upcoming Oscars. In this video they think back to the last decade and tell us their favorite performances. Do you agree with their choices?

Has Burton Gone to Far?

Anyone who has seen the train wreck that was Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory should take warning in his new upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland.

Let me start by praising Tim Burton himself.  He is an amazing director with many iconic films under his belt.  He is best known for his two Batman movies and his original stories for Edward Scissorhands and the Nightmare Before Christmas.  These last two are better examples of his work and what he does best.  Tim Burton is amazing because he creates unique worlds with his own characters and places.  If anyone has ventured to NYC and the Museum of Modern Art in the last few months you most surely went there to see the Tim Burton show.  Lining the walls of the museum were sketches ripped right out of his sketchpad.  You can see the progression of his more iconic characters but you can also see into the directors twisted mind.  By seeing these you can understand and appreciated his commitment and realization of these worlds.

Now back to the problem at hand.  In recent years Tim Burton has been actively moving towards films with technology heavy appearances.  Continue reading