Queen Meryl

There is no other actress working to this day who is more prolific than Meryl Streep.  Who else can bolster 16 Academy Award nominations, 25 Golden Globe nominations, 12 Bafta Award nominations, …shall i continue.  Oh wait what about the song about her in Fame the musical.  It seems that any award show isn’t complete without a nomination for Meryl Streep.  Granted she had not won every single time but she still has a prowess and vigor that stops others in there tracks.

It was no surprise that she was again nominated this year for her role in Julie and Julia where she plays the unmistakable Julia Child.  With a laugh and spot on accent she wins the hearts of the audience playing a broad women.  What was more surprising was the backlash she received.   Some critics say that Meryl gets nominated just because its habit and we do not differentiate a good Meryl Streep performance with an amazing one.  In a recent interview with Huffington Post Meryl admitted  that “the blogospshere supplies [her] with the other side of all the accolades. Just sign on and get humble.”

I am here today to argue that Meryl Streep deserves her praise.  I love Meryl!  So yes maybe i am a little bias but the climatic confrontation between Sister Aloysius Beauvier and Father Brendan Flynn in Doubt gave me chills.  The rest of the movie was a bore but that part perked me up and demanded praise.  We could talk about her change from a doughty female role she usually plays to the high powered Miranda Presley in the Devil Wears Prada which i quote frequently to this day.  Shall we go back in time to her stellar performances in Out of Africa in 1985 or her Academy Award winning performance in Kramer Vs. Kramer and Sophie’s Choice. Listing her commanding performances could continue for days.

Yes, she has had amazing roles and yes, she gets her accolades for it but does that mean we should stop.  If she keeps reinventing herself for each role why should we stop loving her.  In 2008 she turned out Mamma Mia.  The movie on its own was less than desirable but it made her a box office success and a musical talent.  Each role she take she transforms herself and becomes the character.  She deserves everything she has earned and more.  Its not often that you sit around knowing that people are living legends but Meryl Streep is unmistakable a living legend.

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