Has Burton Gone to Far?

Anyone who has seen the train wreck that was Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory should take warning in his new upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland.

Let me start by praising Tim Burton himself.  He is an amazing director with many iconic films under his belt.  He is best known for his two Batman movies and his original stories for Edward Scissorhands and the Nightmare Before Christmas.  These last two are better examples of his work and what he does best.  Tim Burton is amazing because he creates unique worlds with his own characters and places.  If anyone has ventured to NYC and the Museum of Modern Art in the last few months you most surely went there to see the Tim Burton show.  Lining the walls of the museum were sketches ripped right out of his sketchpad.  You can see the progression of his more iconic characters but you can also see into the directors twisted mind.  By seeing these you can understand and appreciated his commitment and realization of these worlds.

Now back to the problem at hand.  In recent years Tim Burton has been actively moving towards films with technology heavy appearances.  This can been seen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now Alice in Wonderland.  What scares me is that in order to achieve his vision the screen is so full of computer animation that you lose focus on reality.  I by no means think anything Burton does is in reality but it detracts from the overall story.  I am a champion of this affect and I am sure people disagree with me but too much CGI is a bad thing.

The reason i decided to write this post was because a new clip of the film just came out.  I watched it already thinking that the film is going to have a computerized look to it.  Sadly it seems this clip doesn’t even scratch the surface.

The characters, the landscapes and seemingly everything in the movie has been touched with a stroke of the computer mouse.  Why does the Red Queen’s head have to be bulged? Why does 90% of the movie have to be shoot on green screen. I love live action films and I love animated films but when you try to play one off as another it doesn’t work.  I will say it again,  too much CGI is a bad thing.  Hopefully it will come out as being a fully realized Tim Burton world but all i can say is that I am skeptical.

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