One Week

The Oscars are a week away.  What does that mean?  For the celebrities that means prepping for fancy parties, dieting, finding the perfect dress and possibly a week off from their other projects to do press.  For everyone else it means frantically trying to watch that best picture nominated movie, planning a viewing party and working on finding the best dip recipe.  Finally for Cinema, I Love You it means making final decisions on my Oscar predictions.  In the upcoming week i will be posting some of my favorite Oscar speeches in anticipation for the big day.

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

I also wanted to take this moment to tell you my favorite part of the Oscars.  It is the moment right after the nominees are read aloud and the short clip showing their dramatic performance is shown.  Its only a beat but the entire auditorium is silent till they pan to the nominee.  The clip is usually their most emotional scene from the movie so everyone is drawn in and almost forgets where they are.  The moments end with uproarious applause.

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