Touching The Void

Touching The Void follows the real life events of two mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates.  These two friends struggle to climb Siula Grande in Peru. A feat no other has done previously and since.  The climb goes relatively smoothly but the dissent is perilous.  A broken leg, an open crevasse, lack of water and dangerous conditions haunt these two climbers on their way down.  Multiple times they both think the other has died and struggles with either continuing on or going to help.

Without explaining or ruining too much of the plot,  Joe Simpson faces the harder challenge on the dissent.  Suffering injury and abandonment his most inspiring act exemplifies his journey down.  In order to cover miles under excruciating pains Joe takes his trek and simplifies them into small increments.  He pushes himself to reach boulder after boulder within a certain time.  Its amazing how after all his hardships he still gets worked up if he made it in the time or not.  This was the only way he was able to make it down the mountatin.  His sheer blind courage and strength to continue makes his extrodionary.

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