Rabbit Hole

Grief takes many forms.  Rabbit Hole tries to capture the pain and anguish of a couples’ lose of their son.  This play turned film stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as the struggling parents who are doing the best they can to overcome their distress.  The films follows the couples methods of mourning through their experience with their neighbors, family, and even the teen driver who struck their son.  Rabbit Hole is the sad and all true story of dealing with pain learning to cope.

From the very beginning you know this film is going to be sad.  From the first moments of hearing about this families lose through the despair you see the parents struggle with .  I am here to say that although this movie is deeply sad their is a message of understanding.  The film does not focus on guilt or blame but on self coping.  Under the heavy nature of the plot there is light that is assuring and allows the viewer to leave the theater with compassion rather than tears in their eyes.

This is Nicole Kidman’s movie.  Strong woman characters are this award season’s specialty.  Nicole Kidman has had an interested career already chronicled here.  Rabbit Hole marks her return to commanding performances.  The strength of her performance is her believability.  It is not that she is wallowing in tears for half the movie but that she has created a character of silent devastation. Her grief explodes in an argument with her husband about how they are coping.   Kidman screams out as a mother is pain would.  The scene is gave me chills.

The relationship exhibited in this movies is what makes it strong.  Some of the more stand out relationships are between Kidman’s character and her mother played by Dianne Wiest.  The comparison between the too, Wiest’s character also lost a son, is very interesting.  Their relationship causes a lot of strife and comfort for both characters.  The most interested relationship has to be between Kidman the teen who hit her child, played by Miles Teller.  In an unimaginable situation these two are able to find ease in talking to one another.


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