The Fighter

This year’s obligatory sports drama is The Fighter.  The Fighter follows the true life rise and fall of two brothers from Lowell, Massachusetts.  The older is Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) who is know as the pride of Lowell following his knockdown of Sugar Ray Leonard.  The younger and protagonist is Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).  Dicky, now a crack head, trains Micky while their mother, (Melissa Leo) manages the duo.  The family affair struggles with Dicky’s addiction and Micky’s career.  Amy Adams co-stars as Micky’s love interest and disrupts the family unit.

Although Wahlberg plays the main character the performance to be remembered is that of Bale’s.  Christian Bale has always taken the extra step when it has come to his movies.  From The Mechanic to where is dropped considerable weight to Batman when he bulked up.  Bale performances have been raved about and he is considered the next great method actor.

His turn as crack addict ex boxer is a continuation on that line.  His mannerism are spastic and his Boston accent is strong.  Both characteristics of long hours researching and perfecting his role.  Christian Bale is an actor to really look out for.

Bale may have physically changed the most but, Amy Adams role is the most outside what she usually plays.  Amy Adams have been now for her sweet, love to the world type characters like Giselle in Enchanted or Ashley Johnsten in Junebug.  In a spin, Adams’ role in The Fighter is that of the sex pot bartender who is called an ‘MTV girl’.  Adams was looking for a part that would break the typecast that she has been given.  Although he role is not super meaty she plays it well.  There is still the caring side we see from her but it is masked in a strong Boston accent with a fighting spirit.

Sports dramas are always present at the award shows.  Think The Blind Side, Million Dollar Baby, or Seabiscuit.  Sports drama’s bring the excitement of the arena with the drama of a soap opera.  In my opinion this sports drama is not as stellar as others but it is the individual performances that  make this movie strong. Besides the waxing and waning Boston accent from Walhberg this film could be a strong contender for some of the acting awards.


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