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Academy Awards 2011

Good morning!  Today is the day.  My heart is pounding and the excitement is building.  I am rocking my 127 Hours shirt till its time to dress up.

This year, my house is playing by Slate magazines lean/lock rules.  These rules rewards those who have seen more of the films and have a better understanding of the Oscars.  But then again anything could happen. For more rule

As always i have complied my list of predictions.  I hope you all did too! Continue reading

Oscar Animated Shorts

The Oscars are this weekend and i am busy making sure i am caught up.  I hope you all have exciting plans for the big day. Filling out your votes is one of the most fun parts of the Oscars.  You feel involved and invested in what is happening in Hollywood.  But of course there is always the point in the ballot where you haven’t seen the shorts.  Well look no longer.

I have complied a list of links so you may actually have seen the shorts.  Disclaimer: I do know own the rights.  I just borrow for my viewers knowledge.

Day and Night:

The Gruffalo:

Madagascar: A Journey Diary:

I will update as i go!