Crazy, Stupid, Love

It is not an unlikely story in Hollywood.  Ailing relationship suffers from a lack of excitement results in an affair.  Crazy, Stupid, Love deviates from this path when Cal Weaver (Steve Carrell) finds himself humiliated and lonely at a singles bar.  Cal’s complete opposite, an outgoing ladies man named Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), takes pity and pulls Cal under his wing.  Jacob refines Cal and guides him in his relationships with his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore) and his one night stand, Kate (Marisa Tomei).  Along the way Cal struggles with his lovestruck son while Jacob falls in love for the first time.

The off brand type of comedy found in Crazy, Stupid, Love has extended moments of burst out loud laughing but was laced with very bizarre and cringe worthy awkwardness.  One scene comes to mind when Cal is wooing a women.  Using his personal type of humor found in The Office and 40 Year Old Virgin, Cal makes less than romantic passes at Kate.  When they finally get home to his apartment their dynamic shifts from strange couple to kinky weirdness.  While this scene had me laughing at the beginning it morphs into a train wreck where you cannot avert your eyes.  Not every scene had such a dramatic transformation but the quirky humor definitely leaned on the side of awkward.

While Cal and Kate may be a bizarre pairing, Jacob and Hannah make the perfect couple.  Ever since the trailer, I was excited to see Gosling and Stone in action.  As up and coming actors it wasn’t long till they were cast along side each other.  Once you could get past Goslings good looks, and it was difficult, their chemistry was impenetrable. Humor, intrigue and romance defined the scenes they share.  Their first night together threw away cliches and managed to grasp the beginnings of two people falling in love. I wanted to see more of them interacting. My one concern about the film was how incestuous it was.  The main characters had a habit of interacting with each other on an unrealistic level.   Rather then letting the story roll on, it seems like the screenwriter kept creating ways to intermingle the characters.  While some were appropriate others seemed to stretch what could be reality.  The reason I felt this way was because the cast was not very big. There were the star billings and few supporting cast members. It seems like they really do live in a small world.   I do say the climax of the movie would not have been as funny if this wasn’t the case.  And the climax had me rolling with laughter.

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