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The driver is usually the unknown hero of the heist film.  In Drive, that hero name remains unknown but acts as the lead of the film.  Ryan Gosling plays the unnamed Driver in a season full of leading roles.  Drive finds itself between Crazy, Stupid Love and The Ides of March as a season full of Gosling’s toned, serious but calm characters.

The driver lives a surprisingly quite life for a Hollywood stunt car slash getaway driver.   His lifestyle and soft spoken personality creates an image of a loner, tinkering away on motors late into the night.  Soft spoken is an exaggeration. In fact, Gosling has hardly any lines.  In lieu of words, the driver’s personality is manifested in the caring attitude towards a neighboring family and the savage brutality towards those who cross him. Continue reading


Shakespearean Kick Ass

The directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.  Coriolanus is one of his more obscure plays but this upcoming movie will up its notoriety.  I look forward to seeing this and I am putting it on my must see list!

Secondhand Embarrassment

Once in a while a scene is overwhelmingly embarrassing that you have to shield your eyes.  With a strong first installment, Spider-man had the title of highest grossing opening weekend.  By its second sequel, Spider-man turned into an emo man freak courtesy of venom.  While the choice was made for the developmental arc of Peter Parker, the emo turn had Tobey Mcguire acting a fool and the audience feeling embarrassment for him.  Enjoy the cringe-worthy secondhand embarrassment.