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Meryl’s Voice

I wanted to add a new category to a specific type of clip I find quite often, the montage.  The montage holds a special place in my heart because its spitfire string of clips engages even the most distracted.

Award season showcases the most montages often used to present an overarching directory of the movies of the year.  Sadder uses of the montage are to mark the passing of those late actors who lost their lives.  In films you often find them to mark the passing of time or to show multiple events quickly.  Also, in every action movies their is the training montage. Regardless, the montage shows a spectrum of clips from varies movies to rooting applause.

To begin this category I am going back to one of my favorite actresses.  Meryl Streep, or Queen Meryl, has a way of transforming herself for every role.  Having earned 16 Oscar nominations she is one of the better actress of all time.  One reason she deserves this title is her dedication for the roles she plays.  Her depiction of these characters are so precise that their accents are on par.  The following montage is from Slate and highlights some of Meryl’s better accents.


Film in Review

The following is a really well made clip of film in 2010.  It features movies made in the past year.  Of course you have love, guns and comedic relief.  Although i have not seen most of these films i could name about 90%.  How many do you recognize?