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Vintage-Style Posters


I came across these re-imagined film posters by Illustrator/Designer Peter Stults.  It’s interesting to see how if certain films were made in a different time what they may have looked like.  Beside the obvious different in cast, Stults show how graphic design in film posters have changed.  I see so much style and excitement in these posters that modern film posters lack.  I grabbed a few of my favorite but there are plenty more available on his site.  Make sure to check them out.


National Film Registry 2010

Annually the National Film Registry names 25 films to be immortalized and housed in the Library of Congress.  Past films have included The Wizard of Oz, Toy Story and the music video Thriller.  The films do not need to be feature length.  They are chosen to be preserved for their “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significance.

Here is a full list of the films entered into the National Film Registry Continue reading

The City I Love

This mash up from Moviefone sums up New York Cinema.  The expansiveness of stories about love, history and the city.   It makes you relish in the city that never sleep!

Star Wars in the 50’s

This is a really interesting fan made video.  It uses real footage from shows like Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Captain Midnight and others to remake the Empire Strikes Back.  It what that movie would have looked like if it was made in the 1950’s.  Pretty clever!

Also, Happy 30th Anniversary of the release of Empire Strikes Back!

For Your Consideration

In the wake of this years Oscars, a friend sent me this video.  Its a spoof on most Oscar movies and i have to say its pretty dead on.  Instead of real dialogue they insert plot points and general adjective and verb combinations that are prevalent in all ‘Oscar Films’.  Its hard to describe so i will let you watch and judge for yourself.

The Art of Sideways

Movie Posters are usually overworked, bright and show the leading stars retouched into oblivion.  This is the checklist for most but not all.  If everyone remembers the indie success Sideways you may also remember it’s illustrated movie poster.  My father linked me to the artist’s (Robert Neubecker) website. In one of his posts he discussed some of his thoughts and ideas for the films movie poster and his thoughts on the film itself.  He includes a bunch of earlier drafts and his thought progression.  Its interesting to see how idea begin and how weird some ideas can get.

Actor’s Choice for Best Performance

The cover of the current New York Times Magazine

On award show night the actors are usually asked who they want to win. Most of these answers are very PC and more often not the true feelings of the actors. New York Times Magazine’s recent issue was devoted to the nominees of the upcoming Oscars. In this video they think back to the last decade and tell us their favorite performances. Do you agree with their choices?