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Streep v. Close 2012

Screw Obama and who ever will run against him it seems like the biggest race of the year will be for Best Lead Actress at next years Academy Awards. The presumptive candidates are already thinning and it seems like Queen Meryl and former rival Glen Close will have another bout for the little golden man. While I love a good cat fight especially around award season, may we refrain from such nonsensical jibber-jabber until – I don’t know – the movies comes out. For goodness sake, barely a publicity still is released and were jumping down the rabbit hole. Let’s give it to the end of the credits to make a judgement.

Meryl Streep is taking on the infamous English Prime Minster, Margaret Thatcher, in The Iron Lady while Glen Close plays the title character in Albert Nobbs.  In this role she plays a cross dressing butler in 19th century Ireland.  It seems like this fight will be head over the Irish Sea. 


Oscar Hosts 2011

In years past the Oscar’s have made a considerable effort at trying to attract a younger crowd.  The cast of Twilight and Miley Cyrus have been on hand at past ceremonies to try and reach that fan base.

It seems like their next stunt will continue that effort.  It was just released that James Franco and Anne Hathaway were offered the hosting gig for this upcoming Oscar’s.   Don’t get me wrong I love their work but hosting does not seem like the right position for them.  What happen to comedians hosting.  I remember laughing with Billy Crystal as he made harmless jokes about celebrities.  Bring Ellen back! Her show is bigger then ever and she would pimp the show for months.

It also seems strange that James Franco was chosen considering he is a potential nominee.  His work in 127 Hours has been earning major press and could land him his first nomination.  Can the host win?

Well have to watch as this story continues.

Has Burton Gone to Far?

Anyone who has seen the train wreck that was Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory should take warning in his new upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland.

Let me start by praising Tim Burton himself.  He is an amazing director with many iconic films under his belt.  He is best known for his two Batman movies and his original stories for Edward Scissorhands and the Nightmare Before Christmas.  These last two are better examples of his work and what he does best.  Tim Burton is amazing because he creates unique worlds with his own characters and places.  If anyone has ventured to NYC and the Museum of Modern Art in the last few months you most surely went there to see the Tim Burton show.  Lining the walls of the museum were sketches ripped right out of his sketchpad.  You can see the progression of his more iconic characters but you can also see into the directors twisted mind.  By seeing these you can understand and appreciated his commitment and realization of these worlds.

Now back to the problem at hand.  In recent years Tim Burton has been actively moving towards films with technology heavy appearances.  Continue reading