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For the Love of Pixar

On this blog I have not been shy to show my love for animation and for the top animation studio Pixar.  I recently came across this mashup of Pixar’s movies those far.  Created content like this shows how much a film or in this case a studio has impacted the creators life.  For the editor of this clip this is really a love letter.  I hope you all enjoy it.


Newt, no longer

I don’t hide my love for anything Pixar. I think it has one of the best group of films ever produced by a single company.  Although animated, their films stand alone as excellent works of cinema.  Up stands as their crowning jewel after its nomination as a best picture in the last Oscar ceremony.  Quite often i check upcoming projects by the studio and on my last checkup i realized they had canceled one of their upcoming films.

Newt was going to be the story of the last two blue footed newts.  I am assuming it was going to be Pixar’s version of a love story as these two newts work together to repopulate their species. The film was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2012. Instead the film has been canceled entirely.  A reasoning has not been given but i am sure one will arise soon.  It sad to see that a studio with such pedigree as Pixar is following the Hollywood norm of sequel after sequel.  The next two films scheduled for release is Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.

Sunset, Sunrise

With the demise of one film industry legend, Miramax, another begins. I am far too generous to a blog that will more than likely have a culture footprint of an ant.

As the first entry I want to pay homage to the Weinstein Brothers start-up. Miramax was the namesake of the brother’s parents and a force to be reckoned with. With a series of very successful, critically and financial, independent movies, Miramax made a name for itself. The company was influential in the success of Quentin Tarantino and countless others.

As an independent producer and distributor, Miramax worked outside the studio conglomerations but that would soon change in 1993 when the Walt Disney Company purchased the studio.

The departure of the Weinstein Brothers in 2005 and other executive problems made it difficult for Miramax to gain the foothold it once did. Although Miramax is now in the ‘Disney vault’ i hopefully look for a brighter economy when they will bring it back. Until that time i raise a glass to Miramax and some of its greatest hits!

Miramax Logo

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