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Oscar Season Must Watch List

Oscar Season is in full swing and here are the films I am yearning to see:

The Artist

The Descendants

My Week With Marilyn

The Adventures of Tintin

War Horse



The Iron Lady

Albert Nobbs

J. Edgar



Just to name a few.  (I’ll update as I go)


The Frodo and Sam

Lord of the Rings is an epic trilogy full of action and adventure.  By the third film the fellowship had split and the story revolved around 4 groups.  Pippin and Gandalf.  Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn. Merry with Rohan. And finally Frodo and Sam.  While the rest of the cast reunites in the battle of Minas Tirith, Frodo and Sam are still rambling on to Mordor.  The first time you watch Return of the King, Frodo and Sam’s trek to Mordor is interesting and fundamental to the story, but can we be honest for a second, its boring as all the fire in Mt, Doom.  In subsequent viewings of the film, their storyline become even more dull.  You start hoping the giant spider, Shelob, or the Orcs or even Gollum will kill Frodo ending our suffering. Finally when you have racked as many viewings as I have you just start fast-forwarding through their dreadful walking sequences.

The Frodo and Sam storyline becomes so well known as tenuous that my group of friends have started to categorize plot lines in films as ‘the Frodo and Sam’.  That is to say, ‘the Frodo and Sam’ are the story lines that we are uninterested in and wish we could skip over.  For example the missionary and the mermaid in POTC On Stranger Tides; No thanks, go back to Jack please!

I hereby allow all of you to use this when you watch an assortment of films and are frustrated by certain character’s stories.

Elizabeth Taylor

A moment needs to be had to remember the screen legend Elizabeth Taylor. Today she died at 79 years old. May she be immortalized for all her on screen performances and her off screen antics. Screen sirens are not mad like this anymore.

Oscar Animated Shorts

The Oscars are this weekend and i am busy making sure i am caught up.  I hope you all have exciting plans for the big day. Filling out your votes is one of the most fun parts of the Oscars.  You feel involved and invested in what is happening in Hollywood.  But of course there is always the point in the ballot where you haven’t seen the shorts.  Well look no longer.

I have complied a list of links so you may actually have seen the shorts.  Disclaimer: I do know own the rights.  I just borrow for my viewers knowledge.

Day and Night:

The Gruffalo:

Madagascar: A Journey Diary:

I will update as i go!