Vintage-Style Posters


I came across these re-imagined film posters by Illustrator/Designer Peter Stults.  It’s interesting to see how if certain films were made in a different time what they may have looked like.  Beside the obvious different in cast, Stults show how graphic design in film posters have changed.  I see so much style and excitement in these posters that modern film posters lack.  I grabbed a few of my favorite but there are plenty more available on his site.  Make sure to check them out.


Another Happy Day

Relatives circling around the table may evoke a time of  love for some but for other families it represents a struggle to make it through the meal.  The more than dysfunctional family of Another Happy Day gather in suburban Maryland for what should be a blissful marriage.  The mother of the groom, Lynn (Ellen Barkin) loathes the upcoming nuptials because it calls for a family reunion.  The ailing health of her father,  the return of her ex husband and his new wife along with the torment of her children have Lynn already halfway in tears.  Another Happy Day is ingeniously released around the time that our own family unite for the holiday season.

It seems that no one in this family is unscathed from hardship. Continue reading

Martha Marcy May Marlene

It was not until after the credits and my short walk to the car that I started to understand what I just saw.  The tongue twister title, Martha Marcy May Marlene, deals a heavy dose of psychological abuse.  The young, twenty-something protagonist, Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) starts the film by running away from her Catskills home that she shares with a miscellaneous group of people.  Not knowing where she is or where to go she reaches out to her estranged sister, Lucy (Sarah Paulson) for help.

The title’s string of names is played by a new girl to the scene with a very famous name.  Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of the famous Olsen twins, play the abused Martha.  In one of her first features outside the Olsen family film business,  Elizabeth shines as a girl struggling to find herself. Continue reading

Oscar Season Must Watch List

Oscar Season is in full swing and here are the films I am yearning to see:

The Artist

The Descendants

My Week With Marilyn

The Adventures of Tintin

War Horse



The Iron Lady

Albert Nobbs

J. Edgar



Just to name a few.  (I’ll update as I go)

The Ides of March

In the next year, our country will be engrossed with politics.  Candidates will crisscross the nation rallying the crowd and pledging to make bold action. Despite the well groomed faces and tailored suits, we won’t see the backstabbing and promises that candidates need to get elected.  George Clooney’s new film, The Ides of March, takes aim at politicians and the treachery behind the scenes.  This loosely true life political drama was adapted from a play, Farragut North, scripted by a former Howard Dean aid.

Ides, marks Ryan Gosling’s third staring role of the year.  Gosling plays Stephen Meyers, a young but experienced junior campaign manager for Mike Morris (George Clooney). While campaigning in the battle ground state of Ohio, problems begin to arise.  Morris’ senior campaign manger, Paul Zara (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) tries to secure a crucial delegate vote in Senator Pullman (Jeffery Wright) but can only do so if Morris offers him a cabinet position.  It becomes clear early on that the candidate Clooney is portraying had been shaped by his own political ideologies.  Continue reading


The driver is usually the unknown hero of the heist film.  In Drive, that hero name remains unknown but acts as the lead of the film.  Ryan Gosling plays the unnamed Driver in a season full of leading roles.  Drive finds itself between Crazy, Stupid Love and The Ides of March as a season full of Gosling’s toned, serious but calm characters.

The driver lives a surprisingly quite life for a Hollywood stunt car slash getaway driver.   His lifestyle and soft spoken personality creates an image of a loner, tinkering away on motors late into the night.  Soft spoken is an exaggeration. In fact, Gosling has hardly any lines.  In lieu of words, the driver’s personality is manifested in the caring attitude towards a neighboring family and the savage brutality towards those who cross him. Continue reading

Shakespearean Kick Ass

The directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.  Coriolanus is one of his more obscure plays but this upcoming movie will up its notoriety.  I look forward to seeing this and I am putting it on my must see list!